• Saturday - 1:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Label/Team:


      Dark PsyTrance



    Chris M. is the being behind DJ Psyonic project. He is experiencing Psytrance vibes & culture since 2000, and after many quality parties attented,
    he found that he can preserve proper music and guide the dancefloor like an electric shaman.
    After hours & days experimenting on digital djiing, the idea DJ Psyonic was born. He performs live with up to 4 decks, combining Hi-Tech/Experimental/Dark Psytrance
    & making eargasmatic fusions of powerfull psychedelic atmospheres out from other artists and sometimes sections of contradictory genres with power bassline on the background.
    From 2008, performed openly at many proper Psy Festivals & Parties with artists from NoisePoisoN, OSOM & Parvati & Ovni Records
    un/prereleased music in a very unique way that takes every DJ-Set to another level and
    creating continuum states of psy vibes.

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