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      Progressive PsyTrance


    Hi Everyone,
    I am Tara, my musical DJ name is Psyrotica, I have been in love with Music for as long as I can remember, well from a toddler age at least, I learned to play a couple of instruments through school and played in the School Orchestras, sometimes singing too. It wasn’t until Senior School I developed a real passion for Hard House, Techno and Trance, soon distinguishing  Trance from House and Techno and made the odd underground Rave and Warehouse party. I found my love for Trance especially Psytrance too great as I became more and more familiar with the genres so I wanted to learn by teaching myself how to produce it and DJ. So thats where it all began for me, I saved hard for my own set of Technics 1210  MK2’s (My babies) and an Intimidation Blue mixer at the age of 17. A friend of mine owned an Underground record store and I was soon buying my Vinyl collection, I used to play every day after work and college building my skills.
    At the age of 19 I and a friend set up our own Underground Music shop in West Sussex, I had white label promos coming out of my ears and met some great DJ’s, my dear friends back then. It wasn’t long before I played the odd specialist Trance night at local clubs and played occasionally the underground scene whilst at University.I didn’t want to just DJ I wanted to produce too, sadly that came a lot later. The industry standard Pioneer tools came into play causing the shift from Vinyl to CD mixing so had to adapt.
    Due to my Scientific career in my twenties sadly I only played the odd private party but my love never wavered, So as soon as I was in a position I invested in my limited studio equipment, wouldn’t I love to have all the tools I so really dream of to develop my music further. The jump from PC to Apple Mac was a learning curve but one I never regret, investing into Logic and Ableton and soft synths another, so I then entered the world of Digital DJ’ing, gosh 10 years ago now. I came up with a new DJ name ‘ Psyrotica ‘ due to my passion for Psytrance and Psychill/Psybient and haven’t looked back since. My mixes are produced at present on my Macbook pro and my Mini Korg without many of the tools I dearly would love to enable me to be more creative, improve and further my career.
    Shockingly I am doing very well in the Mixcloud Progressive Psytrance chart and Psy related charts reaching Number 2 in the Progressive Psy Trance chart and many mixes inside the Top 10, on Mix Dj I have occupied positions in the top 10 in the Trance chart consecutively since registering with the site, holding the Number 1 spot on numerous occasions which is so wonderful, morale boosting and really inspires me to push myself to make each mix superior to the last. I have met some amazing people over the years in the industry, top Dj’s and producers who have graced numerous stations and events and other wonderful dear people who love the Music, the scene and world with a passion too.
    What inspires me most of all is the feedback I am receiving regarding my Music and productions , it makes me very happy and proud. I will keep on producing with passion and hope my listeners will continue to walk that road with me.
    I hope you enjoy my Guest Mix for Dragonfly Radio, my first airing for a number of years, the first under the name Psyrotica.
    Love Tara (Psyrotica)

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