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Bijul a.k.a Psysource Ex: Persian Civilization /Was born In 1975 .  Part of Psychedelic Family: “Flowered Children” in the Cosmic Galaxy.

I Got Infected And Busted In 2001 & I Started Djing Since Then but i got interested for Vjing after the  Shantijatra festival 2008 in Nepal.

Then I Got Infected With The Visuals With Mind Distrotion System Music And i Joined To Lycantrop Rec , Started To VJing & Making  Psychedelic Visual Magic For Them.

Morphing the Future With the Live ‘now’s’ Beats into the visual hyperspace… boom i.e. Reincarnatiing New Styles With The Speed of Time.. Alien Dream Time… Psy-Byproduct: Tha Non-Stop Trip of Time Played With Music During The Decade…. Boom bole baba… om shiv.. (+) vibes.

PsySource joins Active Meditation Music in 2010.

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