• Saturday - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Label/Team:

    Dropzone Records



      Progressive PsyTrance

    The musical journey of Amir Ben Natan, a.k.a Chichke or Radial, from Israel, began in 2002 when he started DJing. In 2003 he became the resident DJ of Phonokol Records label’s parties. In 2007 he traveled in India and Thailand and played there at many big parties such as “Hilltop” in Goa and “Halfmoon Festival” in Koh phangan. Later on Amir played twice again at “Halfmoon Festival” in 2010 and 2011.

    In 2008 Amir started to produce Fullon under his nickname “Chichke”. He released with this project 4 EP’s (2 with Phonokol Records and 2 with Utopia Records) and several tracks on compilations.

    At 2013 Amir started to produce Progressive Psy under the name “Radial”. In 2014 he released 2 EP’s from this project with YSE Recordings and one remix he did to X-Noize & Illumination was released by Hommega Productions. Later on this year he went to a tour in India. On July 13th 2015 was released the 3rd EP of Radial by Dropzone Records which came to the 4th place on Beatport’s top 100 Psytrance rleases chart . Later on this year another EP is expected to be released. On November 2015 Amir will make a tour in Mexico for the first time.

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