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Saigon Gmd (Jim) start listening Goa uplifting Music from 1999. STYLE MUSIC … PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE FULL ON FOREST PsyProgressive & psytrance. Saigon GMD was born in 1982 in spectacular city (Thessaloniki Greece) and studied music at the age of 20. The first party you went it was in 2000 in (Thessaloniki Greece). After a year in 2001 found in the town of (Dutch) from where started and played the first of partying amateur until 2005.To 2006 I returned to the impressive city (Thessaloniki Greece) and started playing in various (PSYprive Party’s) as the 2010. To 2011 recently to get into to make a fresh start UP Inc. PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC. Joined in 2011 (23 February) played in the first organized PARTY in (Thessaloniki Greece) together with Dj’s: Mind Oscillation, Wing Man, Rhino, Brahman, and Dream Box.!!! after 2012 Joined ( Feb. 24) Team (2LZ THE LABEL PRESENTS LARISSAS) organized a party. then follow these Joined PARTY (15 June 2012) he was invited to play in (JEMBALANG GATHERING FESTIVAL) on the Site (Vergina / Imathias Verias) where he played with : Sirion, Inner state, Doc, Mike lamar, Soner, Absolut Zero ..: Stis 8 July I joined the company (PlasmaticaGroup) and played the following PARTY: (February 24, 2012 in the Stage, Lárisa, Greece. Stis 30 August played at Pike together with Absolut Zero.Stis 9 November played at Cassi Club along with Dj Absolut Zero and DimKal.25 January 2013 played in Athens in 7sins together with: Dr.Jeckyl.Kai Joined February 14, 2013 he was invited by the Muzika Divinorum Trance Dance Revolution Festival GOA, INDIA. – See more at:

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