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    Screamopunkster is DjDannyís (Din-Sin) A.K.A Dinesh Singh first underground project started in late 2013 just after learning about Psy-trance music and the underground industry in Delhi from his mentor I.D Singh ( Pindrop ).

    His odyssey with music began when he was but a child yet the story unfolded when he was staying in ealry 2014 in Kasol ( Moutains In Himachal Pradesh , India ) at a friendís Cafe Rahul ( Vicious Storm ) he found his calling.Starting from the humble age of 22, he began feeling the Vibes Of Underground sounds withing him and Started playing locally in Kasol ,growing from strength to strength, building him the reputation he has.

    So After being a Party Animal, A Raver Now He was a Party Starter Crowd Controller.

    Today, Screamopunkster is one of the Well Known DJís of Indian origin. He is a well established name in the industry, known for his ability to draw crowds in large numbers through his energy-demanding music.The Mountains Of Himachal and the beaches of Goa, have pulled Screamopunkster out from DjDanny as we understand it.

    Later he has worked On Tempo-Radio ( Worldís Number 8th Radio Station On Trance Podium 2014 ) as A&R for India the Youngest Dj to be working on a Such a Huge Platform And managing other big names from India And Broadcasting Online was a Remarkable move by him after few months mountains again called him and he left his Job from Tempo Radio And went to mountains .

    Currently Working With Dragonfly Radio

    Now About his international collaborations with
    Sistema-Mental (Mexico)
    Orbeat (Israel)
    Electro-Negative (Mexico)
    Galatic Architecht (Amsterdam)
    Paralatic Twinks (Mexico)
    Anti-Biotic (France)
    M.E.L.O.D ( Belgium)
    Kyria (Brazil)
    Dj [email protected] (Potugal)
    Kish-Tha (Germany)
    have always Imparted a good education and experience.
    Musical influences Rock, Punk, Reggae, Trance, Techno, Pop, House, Disco, Acid Rock, Psychadelic Trance, Full On, Morning Trance, Techno Psychedelic, Goa Trance, Progressive Trance.

    He Is still making his Mark In Psy-Trance Music Industry
    His Styles Varies From Psy-Ambient Up till Hi-tech that means he can play
    Psychedelic sounds at a very slow pace that is 80-100 BPM ( Psy-Ambient )
    and also can blast the speakers off Up till 220-250 BPM ( Hi-Tech ). Apart
    From this he has very Deep and Dark style of playing Forest And Dark Psy-
    Undoubtedly all a psychedelic experience.

    Following are the links to his music and his link as well to reach him.

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