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    Dark PsyTrance


Shinje , The God of Death.
Returned to this dimension with the purpose to alter perception through holographic dark vibrations. Sent here to bring you on a thrilling journey inside your mind. On a trip with Shinje we visit the darkest corners of the consciousness, break the illusion of reality and disconnect from the matrix while dancing in bliss.

He took human form in Sweden the year 1987. Early inspirations come from playing piano and videogames as a kid. He went to his first psy parties in 2006, and immediately fell in love with the dark style of trance. Went to a lot of festivals in the forest during summer and in industrial buildings at winter. Played around as dj for a while with some friends in underground locations around Uppsala. The Swedish scene started getting more focused on “forest psy” and he decided it’s time to bring back some old school darkness again. So he started the solo project Shinje in 2012, and has a collaboration project with his good friend Kult in “Digital Mind Terror”.

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