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Jorge is Guizar; Audio Engineer, Producer of Digital Music and DJ, is currently working on Sin Records (POR) label belonging to Plusquam Label Group; He started his career very young in the art of music in his native Michoacan de Ocampo Zamora; that is where you learn the art of mixing tracks; along with several friends he began his apprenticeship until make some good fusion, which compels him to grow in this area and years later he moved to the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco; where your adventure begins in the digital music production, learning to use various DAW; starting with Fruity Loops 5 Ableton Live 4 also learn to use DAW Reason and Garage Band which begins with curiosity about learning to use multiple platforms, and VST plug-ins and so be forming what is now the Psytrance project, years Later enters school Hermes Music Education Center in the city of Guadalajara in Jalisco where she is a full graduate Audio, Sound and recording live and studio, handling different types of consoles, production, post-production, and production bussines Music massive events, certifying Live Audio at the same institution, acquired the necessary tools to make your Mind System project; currently working with Ableton Live 9 in setting up their tracks, edited and mastered in Adobe Audition CS6 with iZotope Ozone, records and frequency structure changes in Pro Tools HD10.
It belongs to the labels: Portugal Plusquam No Records Label Recognized worldwide since 2006 and in 2007 is part of Group Plusquam home to great music pioneers such as U-Recken, Nexus, Tetrium, Rigel, Liquid Phase, Artmox , Miditec, Toxical, Audialize, Indra, Freakulizer, Liquid Sound, Overlap, Simply Wave, Argon, Sphere, Gothica ….

I also brought with Amadea Records recording material of Bulgaria, Melopea Records of Morelia MichoacĪ±n de Ocampo, Skunk Mexico City Beat Records and recently to the Agency The New Star Generation DJs in England.
It is resident in RED CHANEL, obtaining residence and respect within the station a total of 43091 people tuned during the presentation of his live set. broadcast with its headquarters in Belgium program has counted on the participation of HMS repeatedly up being in line with big national and international artists such as:
Negative Elektro (MEX), Dj Orbeat (ISR), Mel OD (HOL), Galactic Architect (HOL), DualFilters (MEX) Solunar (MEX), Dj Fanix (POR), Screamopunkster (IND) PSycz (IND) Paralitic Twinks (MEX), Ipnotyca (MEX) Syntetic Minds (HOL), Jakaan (HOL), Norma Project (SER), Saigon Gmd (GRE), Lauren Lyon (UK), Insomniscene (UK), Lavinia Djane (GER) , GANTOGA BLUE (MEX), Malinalli (MEX), Jakz (MEX), Solara (MEX), Rit Su (MEX), Cosmic Project (MEX), Kenya Dewitt (MEX), Alignments (MEX) Cortex (ISR) and many more.
Works in 2 side projects on par with its main project Avik Psycz one of India called System Psycz and one with Ulises Mantra called Futuredelick Morelia.
It has international collaborations with Fritzopritzo Sweden Kadux Brazil Psycz Avik obviously like to Ipnotyca, Folklore, Multinamic, Sugar Glider, Iron Scrapy of Mexico, always getting a good education and experience.
Tien as musical influences Rock, Punk, Reggae, Trance, Techno, Pop, House, Disco, Acid Rock, Psychadelic Trance, Full On, Morning Trance, Techno Psychedelic, Goa Trance, Progressive Trance. His style is characterized by a strong bass line, good rhythm in their percussions and drums, deep melodies and very psychedelic sequence being an explosion of vibrations that you will maximize. Undoubtedly all a psychedelic experience.

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