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Spinney Lainey is Elaine Round from England, progressive psytrance producer and classically-trained flute player. Her passion for music began at the age of eight, when she began to learn the flute.

Having graduated with a Classical Music Degree twelve years ago, she began composing, improvising, recording and performing music in a wide range of musical styles both with musicians in this country and abroad, forming various musical projects, bands and collaborations and working as a session musician.

During this time, Lainey developed her passion for psytrance and was first discovered after posting a video on Youtube of her busking on her flute to ‘Basic’ by Zyce at Piccadilly Circus (this can be found on her Youtube channel). The video caused a sensation and went viral. After seeing this video, Zyce asked her to record a flute part for ‘Basic’ and a remix was made, which can be heard on her soundcloud page. She went on to work with Zyce on 5 tracks in total, including the EP, ‘Fluting’, which was number 1 on Beatport. Lainey has continued to work with many other producers in the scene, including Lyctum, Flegma, Mindwave, Starlab, Pulsar & Thaihanu, Elegy, Argonnight, Axer & Shabot, Alpha & Omega, Dreamstate, Moon Tripper, Zweep and Agent Kritsek.

Lainey now plays live flute with electronic effects, interwoven with her own melodic, progressive psytrance compositions and has been performing in UK at festivals and parties, since 2005.

My aim is to create highly melodic, harmonic, expressive music!

If you like my music, please also join me at https://soundcloud.com/spinney-lainey and www.youtube.com/user/spinneylainey/videos

You can buy my music and follow me at: http://www.beatport.com/artist/spinney-lainey/183015

Please contact [email protected] for bookings

Thanks for your support ❤

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