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    Dark PsyTrance


Igor very early became interested in electronic music and began his search for different styles of psychedelic music.

The first steps were taken by private parties, local clubs…, so then the tendency for mixing was the beginning of knowledge, and lately they were the basis for create in 2005 his solo project under the name TerraTech.

This sound is designed to explore altered states of reality and each music has his path to an interdimensional place, based on all aspects of psychedelic domains.

After his first experiences and deep production, some tracks were been released on various several labels well known in the underground scene as OmVeda, NABI, Urban Antidote, 2to6, Temple Twister, Lycantrop, Bhooteshwara, Mind Expansion, among others.

TerraTech has released two Ep Cds, first in the German label Mind Expansion Records with the name “Liquid Brain”, and the 2nd by the Macedonian label Active Meditation Music titled “Respect”.

After that, a Split album was released in collaboration with Zen Mind “Ethereal Lifeforms” with the Mexican label Biomechanix Records.

Besides this, Igor compiled a cd in Urban Antidote Records, Optoplanar was the name chosen for this CD, a Various Artists compilation been done with a list of some of the best night time artists in the psychedelic scene.

Nowadays the first TerraTech full lenght album is been worked to be released at Urban Antidote, stay tuned for the news!

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