Third Eye of Monkey



Visionary Shamanics Rec. / Digital Yonkis Rec. / Badgers Rec.



    Twilight / Forest Psychedelic

He is a monkey with the gift to see through his three eyes, wonderful beings!

-First eye.

Can see the life in another dimension of Gaia, the human race is just a guest from the cosmos. This planet belongs to mystical and mythological beings. Half Human-Animal.

-Second eye.

Able to see extraterrestrial life, producing a teletransport to they home and interact with them telepathically, and then you can be part of their arduous struggle to preserving life in the universe!

-Third eye.

Can see the end of the human race, reptilian beings descended from the cosmos so only begin to destroy the human race, leaving in peace those humans who want a better place to live, not only for them, also for each living on this planet. Thus creating an evolution.

This project seeks to expand the perception of the life of each one of his listeners. The mission is … Falling in love every day of this wonderful universe!

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