Forestedelic records



    Twilight / Forest Psychedelic

Tiann is a new generation Slovenian psytrance dj and producer. He has been working with music since highschool days, but after visiting his first psytrance party he became very interested into the psychedelic electronics. One year later, he started dj-ing and very soon became a resident dj in club Mizzart (Metelkova, Ljubljana). In the past few years he has been playing beside projects like Hux Flux, Dissociactive, Psilocybian, Phobos Azazel, Kala, Chromatone, Assioma, Ianuaria, Dharma … In 2012 he also became a member of Forestdelic Records. His sets are colored with groovy bass lines flowing from a deeper, not melodic tunes to the morning, brighter psychedelics.

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