Time In Motion



Iono Music



    Progressive PsyTrance

The brothers Thomas & Leslie Cowan, aka Time in Motion, are a danish progressive trance project, based in Copenhagen. In an early stage of their lives,Thomas started to play guitar and Leslie hooked up with the drums in various rock and heavy metal bands. With their musical background, they stumbled across the electronic scene and quickly found the studio production interesting.

In 2008, Time in Motion was born, and joined forces with the german record label IONO Music, where they¬† have been releasing countless single tracks and some smashing EPs, followed up by their debut album ‘Energy’ in 2012. Achieving great success with their music, Thomas and Leslie have established their name in most parts of the world, and have created a strong name within the progressive scene.

Currently they are known by their unique melodic and atmospheric pumping progressive trance, that always builds a story to identify their music.

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