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Tokiboun was born in France in 1988, and discovered the world of free parties in 2004 with soud systems from Franche-Comté “INCOMPLET SOUND SYSTEM”(FR) and “LE CITRON VERT”(FR). In 2006, out of passion for the music, he buys two groove boxes”Korg Electribe ESX1 & Em-1″ in order to create a Drum’n’Tribe live act with bewitching melodies. Attracted to all styles of music, in 2008, he rediscovers psychedelic trance in Switzerland at Goa’Uld united, Kucrapok and Biolive parties.

In 2010 he buys 2 vynil players Numark TTX and starts Djing trance music, keeping a foot in Jungle/Electro Dub music. In 2011 he creates the « Esprit du Son » organization and, in 2013, puts together 4 parties and a festival with artists such as Hyper Frequencies, Psyberpunk, Mizoo, Xt-Ric, Mercury Fall, Uforik,

Spiral hand, Tetra Hydro K, Phaz M Dub Zanet, L-xir, etc.

He also starts the « Blair Reddish » project which is an extatic dance project where he mixes chill-out and ambient music. « Blair » being gone, he continues the project with Véronique Gasse.

In 2012, he fell in love with those melodies and began the mix of Psychedelic Trance. he becomes part of the crew “Leitmotiv Sound” (FR) based in Franche-Comté. In 2014 Tokiboun joins the label “Moonloop Records” (CH) and becomes programmer of the psytrance scene in “Festivalocal” (CH) based in Switzerland. 

In early 2016, he released his first compiles with the Moonloop Records label, which will be called
“Spirit Of The Universe.

Authentic character brimming with joie de vivre and willing to share his music, he particularly love melodic psytrance and brings you in a journey the time of a DJ set toward another universe. He travels all around the french part of Switzerland and occasionally he crosses borders as well to make crowds dance on the dancefloor! He plays indoor, outdoor, in festivals and free parties, as a true activit of the psychedelic scene!

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