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    Dark PsyTrance


Let’s do it Magic!:))))

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Twisted Kala is karine PETIAU. She was born in france, and lives between Portugal and Goa, India.
Her first approach to music was through psycho and punk sounds, Hard Core and Drum and Bass …..
She spent 10 years learning piano and classical music theory at Montpellier’s conservatory in France.
She’s been producing on Cubase for the last 7 years….
To her, Dancing, listening to music…….is active meditation…..…meditation being the place where you become aware of your connexion with the universe , with the “whole”, any living thing.
She spent over the last 10 years dancing all over the world on psytrance music…..
Today She enjoy using her sound to embark people onto deep journeys within themselves …She plays in various places such asAsia (India, Nepal, Thailande), Europe (Portugal, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Austria), Russia, Switzerland, London, Mexico….Live Act and DJ Set.

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