Progressive PsyTrance

Upsoull is the solo project of 30 years-old Dimitris Litsakis, born & raised in the beautiful city of Stavros (Chalkidiki) in the north part of Greece. Dimitris has been involved into Psychedelic Trance from a very young age, influenced by nature, human life & feelings (love, sadness,..) and by ways expressing feelings & thoughts through music!

Upsoull’s very first studio projects started being born – as a former member of D-Twin project – and signed on labels like Digital Nature, Phoenix Groove, Synergetic, Yellow Sunshine & more, achieving some massive collaborations with artists like: Hi Profile, Entropia, Spider, Effective, Visua & more..

On stage, Upsoull has shared decks with several top leading acts of the Psy/Prog scene including Tristan, Ace Ventura, Egorythmia, Hi Profile & more, being featured in line ups from big international festivals & various events including Ozora (Hu), Vibe (Cz), P.L.U.R. (Gr), Juice Club (De), as well as various main venues & locations in Greece.

Upsoull’s goal is to bring people together through his sounds & music, aiming into his debut solo album project soon to start being formed & travel the world spreading some Upsoull beats & pieces!

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