Wizzy Fusion





    Progressive PsyTrance

WizzyFusion is the Music Project between Uriel and Seraf. It is based on the same founding principles of Uriel’s old band. Production of High Quality Innovative Dance music that does not follow any predetermined old pattern and is set to innovate in the scene and surprise the listener. The founding values are all the same and will be present in the new form like cutting edge sound production, Innovation and respect for the listener. We do not make music to “please the market” in a sense, we make music to fulfill our artistic vision about the thing we love and produce. That is our vision and we are committed into its implementation and realization. WizzyFusion new base of operations is situated into LFShowStudio as Uriel moved all his studio equipment there into a larger room with better acoustics, a place designed from the beginning to be a studio. After some test runs , reorganization and resetting of equipment we are now ready to start producing again. It was not easy at the beginning, but change is not always easy, and we had to develop new methods and a new model of working from the scratch but in the end it turned out even better than our expectations so it was very well worth it and we are quite proud of the end result. Finally we would ike to say that nothing stays the same it must evolve and get better as time goes by. Evolve or die unless you are an expert system.

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