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    Progressive PsyTrance

“XShade” was created in 2006 by Michalis Yamakis from Greece,
which is a project focusing on progressive trance music. Started listening
to electronic music in a young age following the “psychedelic” current
and getting to know the music , till a festival some day in the early 2000’s
moved him to the progressive trance scene. 
Very soon, in 2004 started sharing his early tracks with friends and local parties receiving a feedback that moved him to an official release.

Soon he came to build a character of his own , using fat and
tricky baselines, rhythmic percussions, wizzy grooves and self inspired
melodies.His first releases have been under IonoMusic and received great
success from the listeners both in the dancefloor or at home.

Stay tuned for more tunes soon…

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